Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

Here's some more info.

Scotto needs to look into finding another job. I was informed yesterday that the company I work for is moving a number of operations North, to Tampa, or removing them altogether. While that may sound like suck, it actually isn't a terribly bad thing. It inspires me to get of my ass, polish my resume, and really find a job that I can be proud of, and probably be paid more for. There are a number of mail/database companies out here, but I don't think that's where I want to go, unless nothing else makes a strong impression on my search.

Things I'd like to do -

Research Librarian (paid to surf for data all day? hoody hoo!)

Teach Kids how to use the computer... although it seems that they have an innate grasp, these days.

Scientist with a science firm, sort of like Danny's old Job at Geosyntec.

Things I'll probably end up doing -

VB programming

SQL Programming

Webby stuff

Database management, MIS dept.

.333333332 - (brief intermission by Newt on the keypad)

What to do, what to do... maybe the classifieds or monster.com will set me right.

I am in a wicked good mood, though.

This could be my chance to go to Arizona, or the Carolinas. Seattle's cool too, and I could poke around Robb's old stomping grounds.
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