Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

How much better things would have been if God had said "FIAT DELUXE" instead of "FIAT LUX"?
Tags: freeflow

  • Proxyham update [Proxygambit] – improvement via Hackaday.

    PROXYGAMBIT BETTER THAN PROXYHAM; TAKES COFFEE SHOP WIFI GLOBAL Last weekend saw the announcement of ProxyHam, a device that anonymizes…

  • 10594 - Tuesday

    When wmata closed down five stations on the red line this weekend it was apparently to find ways to make the trains more delayed. It's odd and maybe…

  • 9705 - Wednesday

    Saw Franklin - working his litter area - he's obviously still eating quite well. He's good at digging a deep hole and covering it up, too- unlike a…

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