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"Flesh to touch...Flesh to burn! Don't keep the Wicker Man waiting!"

wicker man Last night, I was pleased to see that The Wicker Man was on television, so I had something nice to play in the background as I read. (I had some trouble drifting off, and it really did the trick.)

Set and made in the 70's staring Edward Woodward (Equalizer) on an Island owned by a wealthy Christopher Lee (Gormanghast/Sauruman LOTR 2001). Woodward is a English police officer responding to a murder. Denial, cults, a tavern set - it was great! The only difficult item was the message music similar to 70's movie Silent Running. That's all I am going to say, except rent it on a dark, rainy night when you're by yourself. Doesn't get much better than that.

Ah, my. Monday again. What happened to the long weekend? Back to work, soon... this morning's walkies were nice, a light cool rain came down and made it even more comfortable. The urge to get a digicam tugs everytime I go outside... I really want to add more images to my entries and my general collection, too. I hope this week goes well... Dale's taking off on Friday for 2 week in Jamacia, leaving Karen and myself to pick up his slack in the meantime. (He certainly deserves the break, mind you. He works hard.... I'm just not looking forward to doing more work while he's gone.) I think this week will consist of him training Karen in what he does, and my getting a refresher, since I haven't diddled with it since his last time away.

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